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Ordering Process:

1. Visit our "Portfolio" page to get inspiration for the product(s) you would like created for you.

2. Book your FREE consultation (Click Here). In this meeting we will gather your Brand elements (colors, fonts, images, etc)

3. After your consultation, we'll get to work on your creation(s).

4. Within 5 business days we will email you a link with the first draft of your product(s).

5. You'll have up to 3 revisions before accepting the final project(s).

6. Submit payment (in any amount of your choice) via our PayPal site.

7. Your final project(s) will be delivered to your email account in MP4 format.

Too easy, right?

Special note: Check out our subscription options that ensure you receive fresh social media content to include holiday themed creations.

Website Chatbots:

Our team will create your custom chatbot for a one-time fee of $1000 with an optional monthly hosting & maintenance fee of $50 per month, which covers any changes to strategy or campaigns you decide upon.

All specific questions and answers you want your Bot to ask your customers will be gathered during the build-out phase. As part of the monthly plan, you are permitted to change your Bot's interactions as often as you'd like.

If you require our assistance to embed your Bot on your website, we will require temporary admin access to your back office.

One-time Build

One-time Build

One-time build cost


This one-time fee covers the consultation and creation costs to get your customized Chatbot delivered to you. After delivery, should you need/want to make changes to your Bot, you'll be required to sign up for our monthly maintenance service. 

Chatbot Monthly Subscription:

Seasonal Ad Subscription: